Who we are

SYMBIAGRO is a company active in the field of green biotechnologies, with a broad range of competences. Its main strengths rely on continuous innovation as well as the capability to satisfy every customer’s need, and it to its flexible and dynamic company organization.

SYMBIAGRO headquarters, research center and production facilities are located in Roncadelle (nearby Brescia, in the Northern part of Italy) the gate of Franciacorta region, where soil minerals, the peculiar morphological soil granulometry and the favourable climatic conditions have built a fundamental background for high quality agriculture.

What we do

SYMBIAGRO is a company specialized in the research, development and sale of agricultural nutritional and bio-stimulants. Our product portfolio encompasses a wide range of fertilizers and bio-stimulants with innovative formulations that when applied to plants and soils increase agricultural productivity, by fostering plant growth through higher efficiency in nutrients assimilation, as well as higher plant tolerance and recovery from biotic and abiotic stresses.
By combining the efforts of the salesforce with the expertise of in-field agronomists and laboratory biologists, SYMBIAGRO is able to provide every farmer with the most effective tailor-made solution able to maximize their return according to their kind of: cultivation, soil, climate, etc..
The respect of the environment as well as of every living being are the pillars of our entire product portfolio. This turns into enhancing cultivation yield increases, an improved quality of the final product (i.e. organoleptic attributes of fruit and vegetables, sugar content, colour, shelf life, etc.) and a more efficient water consumption.


The mission of SYMBIAGRO is the nourishment of plants in an innovative, natural and eco-sustainable way. Our products’ goal is to make plants healthier, more robust and resistant through the creation of a combination among plant roots and soil favourable to plants and durable for the following cultivation’s cycles too, opposite to chemical products where the effect vanishes once we interrupt the administration.

Our activity focuses in developing innovative formulations coming out from the combination of active principles (of vegetable origin, renovated and empowered) in order to offer our customers tailor-made solutions according to their specific needs.

To provide our customers the best performances, quality and eco-sustainability is the guiding principle inspiring all SYMBIAGRO production phases, from raw material supply up to finished products’ making and packaging.