Triptolemus: Live Energy to recondition the soil Microbiome

Through an innovative biotechnological production process, patented in Symbiagro R&D laboratories, the pool of microorganisms present in the products of the Triptolemus line is selected, in order to obtain highly effective formulations with different types of applications in the agricultural sector.
Triptolemus is a pool of highly concentrated and high quality microorganisms that Symbiagro has developed to keep the microbial flora of the soil strong and healthy, develop plant roots and protect them from biotic and abiotic stresses.

The myth of Demeter and Triptolemus

The myth tells that Demeter was looking for all of Greece for her Persephone (taken away from Hades), when she was welcomed by King Celeus, under the guise of an old lady. Celeo asked Demeter to look after her children, Demophone and Triptolemus. Demeter noticed that Triptolemus was ill and then fed him with his mother’s milk, so that Triptolemus not only regained strength, but became an adult immediately. Demetra then taught Triptolemus the art of agriculture, and he immediately began his mission on a winged wagon pulled by the two dragons, to educate Greece and the whole world, to the art of agriculture.