Our idea of symbiotic agriculture

Eco-symbiotic agriculture

Symbioethical” is the idea where SYMBIAGRO comes from and inspiring all its product lines; a new word for a new philosophy based on symbiotic association (i.e. a collaboration between two organisms).

This kind of collaboration, which naturally establishes between soil microorganisms and plant roots, optimizes plants’ nutrients assimilation and allows achieving superior performances in agriculture, in an environmental-friendly and eco-sustainable way.
Since the invention of agriculture and up to the end of the 20th century, different types of nutrient-rich organic material (both from vegetal or animal sources) were utilised in order to improve cultivations’ yields and welfare. This kind of organic soil nourishment had also the very important function (unknown at that time) to provide soil of the microbiological elements needed to the symbiotic development, because microorganisms promote the natural conversion of nutrients into molecules easier and faster assimilated by plants, allowing them to grow more and better.
In order to satisfy the increasing food needs of a growing world’s population, in the last century we had the transformation of “extensive” agriculture into “intensive” agriculture, by introducing fertilizers and pesticides of chemical nature.

The systematic and extended utilization of those substances has changed soil chemicals and biological characteristics, because it dramatically reduced the “microbioma” regeneration cycle, decreasing natural soil fertility and cultivations’ yield. The more chemical fertilizers and pesticides enter into the soil, the more useful microorganisms irremediably die.

With recent awareness raising of the customers’ towards healthier food habits and demand for a more environmental friendly agriculture (e.g. organic products) it becomes crucial the focus of modern agriculture on alternatives to synthetic chemicals.

Agriculture and Innovation

To this extent, SYMBIAGRO aims at playing a starring key (central) role in the shift towards future agricultural techniques. Our product portfolio is the result of the R&D continuous innovation and in-field experience, as it is revolutionary and nature-driven at same time because it focuses on biodiversity soil re-construction and enrichment, developing tailor made cultivation strategies at large scale with a significant increase in the hectare yield. The symbiotic action translates into higher qualitative products grown into healthier conditions and in a more biodiverse ecosystem, which provides a higher final customers’ satisfaction degree.