Our idea of symbiotic agriculture

Agriculture – yesterday and today

From the invention of agriculture and up to the end of the last century, animal and vegetable material was used to improve the agricultural yield of the land, rich in nourishing active ingredients and capable of bringing organic substances to the soil, favoring their well-being. The nourishment of the soil with organic material also had the function, although it was almost unknown at the time, of providing microbiological elements necessary for the promotion of symbiotic development, as promoters of the conversion of nutrients present in the soil into forms more easily assimilated by the plant, guaranteeing more growth. Over the years, the need to satisfy the food requirement of a growing world population has led to the transition from extensive to intensive agriculture, with the introduction of chemical fertilizers. However, the systematic and prolonged use of these substances has altered the chemical-physical and biological composition of the soil as well as the regeneration cycle of the microbiome, thus reducing soil fertility and consequently of agricultural performance. With the growing awareness of consumers and the progressive orientation towards healthier eating habits, such as the search for organic foods, it is essential that at the base of the agricultural production cycle conditions are created for which we can guarantee the presence of non-chemical alternatives.

Agriculture & Innovation

Symbioethical ® is the idea from which Symbiagro is born and to which all its product lines are inspired; a new word for a new philosophy based on the concept of symbiotic association, ie a collaboration between two organisms. This kind of collaboration, which naturally establishes between soil microorganisms and plant roots, optimizes plants’ nutrients assimilation and allows achieving superior performances in agriculture, in an environmental-friendly and eco-sustainable way.

In this perspective SYMBIAGRO wants to be a protagonist in the evolution of the sector towards what will be the agricultural production of tomorrow, becoming a reference point for agriculture in Italy and in the world. Our offer, the result of research and evaluations in the field and in the laboratory, is both natural and revolutionary, as it reconstructs the biodiversity of the soil enriching it in a healthy way, at the same time allowing the development of large-scale cultivation strategies with a significant increase in yield per hectare. The result of the symbiotic action is the achievement of a better quality product, grown on healthier soil and in an ecosystem with greater biodiversity, capable of bringing a greater benefit and a higher degree of satisfaction to the final consumer.

Research and development laboratory

Symbiagro is an innovative company with a strong focus on research and development, within our R&D laboratories, set up with the most cutting-edge tools in the sector, specialized personnel take care of developing and testing new solutions and prototypes every day for tomorrow’s agriculture, carrying out internal research activities and analyzing new problems for our customers to find solutions that guarantee the best possible result.

Industrial biotechnologies and patents

In order to be independent and faster in the realization of our products, Symbiagro has equipped itself with one of the most advanced industrial biotechnology plants in the sector. The interaction between applied research and the latest generation of technological instruments has allowed us to discover and patent new processes for the development of microorganisms, which are safer, cheaper and faster. This allows us to replicate on an industrial scale the solutions and prototypes created in our R&D laboratories, quickly and in the best possible conditions to ensure the growth and stability of the microorganisms that are part of our products.

Projects and collaborations

SYMBIAGRO is an innovative company, active in many research and development projects, collaborations with universities, public institutions and agricultural companies, interested in developing new solutions for tomorrow’s agriculture.

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